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Monroe County Title Co. was established in 1920, and has remained the leading title company in Monroe County for over 90 years. The company provides its customers with title insurance for assurance that the amount of their investment in their property is secured. Monroe County Title Co. takes pride in providing conveyance closings and escrow services that meets customer preferences for efficiency and timely processing of closing real estate transactions.

As a member of the Fidelity National Title Group, and agents for Chicago Title Insurance Company, Monroe County Title Co. is backed by the largest title company in the nation. Chicago Title Insurance Company has a 150 year tradition of industry leadership and is the premier name in the title industry.

Monroe County Title Co. possesses a data base title plant of the recorded documents on file in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Monroe County, Illinois. The company title plant includes all recorded documents dating back to the original government land grants, and allows for title professionals at the company to identify any and all recorded documents that would affect title to any tract of real estate in Monroe County, Illinois. Monroe County Title Co. is the only title company that possesses and maintains a title plant with respect to Monroe County real estate, and this plant allows the title professionals at Monroe County Title Co. to efficiently and accurately ascertain the status of title to Monroe County real estate.

Monroe County Title Co. is a member of the following organizations:

Illinois Land Title Association
American Land Title Association
Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
Columbia Chamber of Commerce